How to check crime in my area using UKCrimeStats?

We have lots of options for you.

If you have a postcode for your location in England, Wales or Northern Ireland, we recommend the following;

1) The Postcode Report

This really is useful if you want a detailed oversight of your area including heatmaps and statistics across all crime types and an easy comparision with a national scale, spread over 16 pages. This costs all of £1.99 so it’s a good deal and it’s popular and very presentable. We advise to use a smaller radius of 0.25 miles for highly urbanised areas and a 1 mile radius for rural areas.

2) Free search – just type into our search box your postcode and it will take you straight there – here’s the postcode page for the House of Commons for example, SW1A 0AA. (You can also type in the name of the area or just a postcode district like SW1). The crime comparision figure is based on postcode geolocated to inside a lower layer super output area. So it’s not as precise as comparision with 1.6 million other postcodes. The page also links to quite a lot of other local information in the area like property sales, energy data, road accidents and broadband.

3) Join from £4.99 a month – cancel anytime. This is really useful for those who like to make comparisions across wards, postcode districts and sectors and all the other geographies. Using UKCrimeStats they can generate reports and exports 1000s of rows of results that tell them, which type of area has the most/least type of crime(s) between one date and another, weighted for population or area size or just in total. This is helpful too because because there are many other accompanying datasets that can be drawn together with these results, particularly with lower layer super output areas. This tends to be well used by local government planners, insurance companies and academics.

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