The Council Of The Borough Of Milton Keynes

Local Authority
Civic Offices, 1 Saxon Gate East, Central Milton Keynes MK9 3EJ
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Purchase DateAddressPostcodePriceDuration
2023-01-303 Avington, Great Holm, Milton Keynes (MK8 9DG)MK89DG?Freehold
2022-03-23Land on the South side of Newport Road, Wavendon?Freehold
2022-03-23land lying to the east of Stockwell Lane, Wavendon?Freehold
2022-02-01The Agora Centre, Wolverton (MK12 5LG)MK125LG£1,200,000Freehold
2022-01-2490 Kensington Drive, Great Holm (MK8 9BN)MK89BN£45,000Leasehold
2021-01-04Land lying to the west of Millfield Gardens, Redhouse Park, Milton Keynes?Freehold
2020-11-13Land on the south side of Watling Street, Bletchley, Milton Keynes?Freehold
2020-05-07Land lying to the north of Barrosa Way, Whitehouse, Milton Keynes?Freehold
2018-12-11land lying to the southwest of Station Road, Woburn Sands, Milton Keynes?Freehold
2016-04-28Land on the east side of Newport Road, Brooklands, Milton Keynes?Freehold
2016-01-21Brooklands Farm Primary School, Countess Way, Brooklands, Milton Keynes (MK10 7HN)MK107HN?Freehold
2014-10-13Transport Corridor 75, Milton Keynes?Freehold
2014-10-10Transport Corridor 72, Milton Keynes?Freehold
2013-10-03land at Goodrich Green, Kingsmead, Milton Keynes?Freehold
2013-03-21Land lying to the North West of Chaffron Way, Fishermead?Freehold
2012-12-21land lying to the south-west of Tattenhoe Street, Oxley Park?Freehold
2009-11-30Sycamore Hall, Drayton Road, Bletchley (MK2 3RR)MK23RR?Freehold
2008-11-12land and buildings at Burnmoor Close, Bletchley, Milton Keynes?Freehold
2008-07-03land at Crummock Place, Bletchley?Freehold
2008-07-03Land at Windermere Drive, Bletchley?Freehold
2008-07-02land and buildings at Kinloch Place, Bletchley?Freehold
2008-07-01land and buildings at Burnmoor Close, Bletchley?Freehold
2008-06-26Land and buildings at Buttermere Close, Bletchley?Freehold
2008-01-23land at Two Mile Ash, Milton Keynes?Freehold
2007-07-31Land forming part of Transport Corridor 57, Groveway, Milton Keynes?Freehold
2007-06-13Land on the south side of Newton Road, Bletchley?Freehold
2007-04-02land and buildings at Rowlands Close, Bletchley, Milton Keynes (MK2 2NL)MK22NL?Freehold
2006-11-07Land and buildings at St Catherine's Avenue, St George's Road, St Clement's Drive, St David's Road, St Patrick's Way, St Paul's Road and St John's Road Bletchley?Freehold
2006-10-27land and buildings at Pinewood Drive, Orchard Drive, Laburnam Grove, The Limes, Sycamore Avenue, Hawthorn Avenue, Maple Grove and Walnut Drive, Bletchley?Freehold
2006-08-08Open space land at Turpyn Court, Woughton on the Green?Freehold
2006-03-31land on the East and West side of Langerstone Lane, Tattenhoe?Freehold
2006-03-08Land and buildings at Napier Street, Bletchley (MK2 2NF)MK22NF?Freehold
2006-03-08Land and buildings on the north and south side of Western Road, Bletchley (MK2 2PX)MK22PX?Freehold
2005-12-02Shenley Grounds Farm, Whaddon Road, Calverton (MK19 6EN)MK196EN?Freehold
2005-11-22Land on the North side of Western Road, Bletchley, Milton Keynes?Freehold
2005-11-11Land and buildings at Lancaster Gate, Bletchley, Milton Keynes?Freehold
2005-10-31land and buildings at Avon Grove, Bletchley?Freehold
2005-10-28Land and buildings at Kennet Drive, Bletchley?Freehold
2005-10-044, 14, 16, 20, 28, 32 and 34 Hatton, Tinkers Bridge (MK6 3DN)MK63DN?Freehold
2005-09-07Land and buildings on the south west side of Silver Street, Newport Pagnell?Freehold
2005-08-02land and buildings at Althorpe Crescent, Bradwell Road and Stanton Avenue, Bradville?Freehold
2005-08-01land and buildings at Debbs Close, Boundary Crescent and Woodside, Stony Stratford?Freehold
2005-07-22Land on the north east side of Ostlers Lane, Stony Stratford?Leasehold
2005-07-14Land and buildings on the south west side of Wood Street, New Bradwell?Freehold
2005-07-12land on the south side of Newport Road, New Bradwell?Freehold
2005-06-21Land and buildings at Almond Close, Beech Road and Cherry Road, Newport Pagnell?Freehold
2005-06-16Land and buildings on the north side of Ousebank Street, Newport Pagnell?Freehold
2005-06-16Land and buildings at Queens Avenue, Windsor Avenue and Charles Way, Newport Pagnell?Freehold
2005-05-2381 to 85 (odd), 89, 91 and 99 to 103 (odd) Garraways, Coffee Hall?Freehold
2005-05-13Land at Bury Field, Newport Pagnell?Freehold
2005-05-09Land and buildings at Spinney Hill Road, Olney?Freehold
2004-01-14land lying to the north west of Garthwaite Crescent, Shenley Brook End?Freehold
2003-12-04land on the North side of Dudley Hill, Shenley Church End?Freehold
2002-02-21Land and buildings on the south east side of Midsummer Boulevard, Central Milton Keynes, (MK9 3PX)MK93PX?Freehold
2001-04-03Land lying to the South of Buckingham Road, Bletchley?Freehold
2001-03-27land lying to the North West side of Chaffron Way, Shenley Lodge?Freehold
2001-03-23Land lying to the South East of Childs Way, Milton Keynes?Freehold
2001-02-27Land lying to the North West side of Standing Way, Furzton, Milton Keynes?Freehold
2001-02-27Land lying to the North West side of Standing Way, Furzton, Milton Keynes?Freehold
2001-02-26land lying to the North East side of Fulmer Street, Furzton, Milton Keynes?Freehold
2001-02-13Land lying to the North West side of Standing Way, Furzton, Milton Keynes?Freehold
2000-04-03land lying to the south of Standing Way, Bletchley?Freehold
1998-03-06Land on and to the North East of Kensington Drive, Great Holm?Freehold
1998-01-079 pieces of open space land on the North and South sides of Foxhill, on the South East and South West sides of Long Massey and on and lying to the East of Tallots Hyde, Olney?Freehold
1996-01-0812 Wimborne Crescent, Westcroft, Milton Keynes (MK4 4DE)MK44DE?Freehold
1995-03-17land on The East side of Simpson Road, Milton Keynes?Freehold
1993-11-24Land and buildings on the North West side of Woodrush Close, Beanhill?Freehold
1993-09-0114 Swallowfield, Great Holm£100,200Freehold
1993-07-2697 Downland, Two Mile Ash£122,750Freehold
1993-07-077 Bowood Court, Great Holm, Milton Keynes (MK8 9BB)MK89BB?Freehold
1993-07-06land lying to the north west of Silbury Boulevard, Milton Keynes?Freehold
1993-06-1515 Wandlebury, Giffard Park£73,575Freehold
1993-06-10mines & minerals lying under 47 Hilliard Drive, Bradwell, Milton Keynes (MK13 9EW)MK139EW?Freehold
1993-05-26125, 127 and 131 (Odd) Springfield Boulevard, Springfield?Freehold
1993-05-261 and 3 Turnmill Avenue, Springfield?Freehold
1993-05-263 to 7 (odd) White Alder, Stacey Bushes and Parking Spaces?Freehold
1993-05-1842 and 44 Kirkstall Place, Oldbrook?Freehold
1993-04-21165 to 171 (odd) Broadlands, Netherfield (MK6 4HN)MK64HN?Freehold
1993-04-212 to 14 (even) Farmborough, Netherfield (MK6 4HG)MK64HG?Freehold
1993-04-20289, 291 and 295 Beadlemead, Netherfield (MK6 4HZ)MK64HZ?Freehold
1993-04-07land on the East side of Newport Road, Woughton On The Green?Freehold
1993-04-06land on the south side of Bourton Low, Walnut Tree?Freehold
1993-04-06Hodge Lea Playing Field, Brookside, Hodge Lea?Freehold
1993-03-173 and 7 Wheelwright Mews, Neath Hill?Freehold
1993-03-1737 and 38 Bowyers Mews, Neath Hill, and garages?Freehold
1993-03-0946 to 52 Reeves Croft, Hodge Lea, (MK12 6DB)MK126DB?Freehold
1993-03-05195,197,205,211,215 and 217 Arncliffe Drive, Heelands and parking spaces?Freehold
1993-03-0383 to 85, 88 to 90, 92 to 94, 100, 103, 105 and 107 to 110 Gibbwin, Great Linford, and garages?Freehold
1993-02-1126, 28A to F Gurnards Avenue and 62 and 64 Pencarrow Place, Fishermead?Freehold
1993-02-112 to 10 (Even) and 14 Talland Avenue, Fishermead (MK6 2EL)MK62EL?Freehold
1993-02-116 Tremayne Court, Fishermead (MK6 2JF)MK62JF?Freehold
1993-02-09257a to c, 259a to c and 261 Conniburrow Boulevard and 1 Marjoram Place, Conniburrow?Freehold
1993-02-0935 Yarrow Place, Conniburrow MK14 7AYMK147AY?Freehold
1993-02-0871 and 81 Bayard Avenue, Downs Barn?Freehold
1993-02-0868a to 68c and 70a to 70c Downs Barn Boulevard, Downs Barn (MK14 7LB)MK147LB?Freehold
1993-01-2540 Marshworth, Tinkers Bridge, Milton Keynes (MK6 3DD)MK63DD?Freehold
1993-01-25Great Holm Community Centre, Kensington Drive, Great Holm?Freehold
1993-01-08land on the south side of Walsh's Manor, Stantonbury?Freehold
1993-01-08Land lying to the East of Marlborough Street, Tinkers Bridge?Freehold