The City Council Of Bristol

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City Hall, College Green, Bristol BS1 5TR
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Purchase DateAddressPostcodePriceDuration
2022-11-29land on the east side of Lampton Avenue, Bristol?Freehold
2022-08-08land lying to the west of Queen Street, St Philips, Bristol?Freehold
2022-02-15The White Hall, St Stephens Close, Glencoyne Square, Bristol (BS10 6EU)BS106EU£200,000Freehold
2021-01-25land lying to the north of Highfield Farm, Winters Lane, Redhill, Bristol (BS40 5SW)BS405SW?Freehold
2021-01-22land at Stapleton Road, Bristol?Freehold
2021-01-18land on the south-east side of 22 Horse Shoe Drive, Bristol (BS9 1SU)BS91SU?Freehold
2020-12-11Land at Stavordale Grove, Bristol?Freehold
2020-11-054a Worcester Crescent, Bristol , shed and garden. (BS8 3JA)BS83JA?Leasehold
2020-06-17land lying to the south-east of Dovercourt Road, Bristol?Freehold
2020-04-01Land on the west side of Winterstoke Road, Bristol?Freehold
2020-03-11Land at Temple Way, Bristol?Freehold
2020-02-1231a College Green, Bristol (BS1 5TB)BS15TB?Leasehold
2020-02-0435 Albany Road, Bristol (BS6 5LQ)BS65LQ?Leasehold
2020-01-24Land on the east side of 14 Bankside Road, Bristol (BS4 4LB)BS44LB?Freehold
2019-12-244-6 Victoria Street, Bristol (BS1 6BN)BS16BN?Leasehold
2019-12-06Land adjoining Airport Road, Bristol?Freehold
2019-11-22the site of an electricity sub-station lying to the south east of Willinton Road, Bristol?Freehold
2019-10-10Flat 4, 7 Rodney Place, Bristol (BS8 4HY)BS84HY?Leasehold
2019-10-10Flat 7, 7 Rodney Place, Bristol (BS8 4HY)BS84HY?Leasehold
2019-10-10Flat 8, 7 Rodney Place, Bristol (BS8 4HY)BS84HY?Leasehold
2019-06-07Land at Gainsborough Square, Bristol?Freehold
2019-05-16Land at Bath Road, Pylle Hill, Bristol?Freehold
2019-05-01Land adjoining St Johns Lane Health Centre, St Johns Lane, Bristol (BS3 5AS)BS35AS?Freehold
2019-04-10land and buildings on the North East side of Bishport Avenue, Hartcliffe?Freehold
2019-03-2713 Welsford Road, Bristol (BS16 1BS)BS161BS£400,000Freehold
2019-03-21Land adjoining 219 Romney Avenue, Bristol (BS7 9SZ)BS79SZ?Freehold
2019-03-01Land on the north-west side of Henacre Road, Bristol?Freehold
2019-02-2227a Broadway Road, Bishopston, Bristol (BS7 8ES)BS78ES?Leasehold
2019-01-24Land on the east side of Hawksfield Road, Whitchurch£6,300,000Freehold
2019-01-2424 Lower High Street, Bristol (BS11 0AY)BS110AY?Freehold
2018-10-196 Lancaster Street, Bristol (BS5 9QL)BS59QL£215,000Freehold
2018-10-1287 Marksbury Road, Bristol (BS3 5JY)BS35JY?Freehold
2018-10-127a Grange Court Road, Bristol (BS9 4DP)BS94DP?Leasehold
2018-10-10Land at 146 Barrowmead Drive, Bristol (BS11 0JT)BS110JT?Freehold
2018-09-0536b Cotham Road, Bristol (BS6 6DP)BS66DP?Leasehold
2018-07-12Land adjoining 217 Romney Avenue, Bristol (BS7 9SZ)BS79SZ?Freehold
2018-07-11Land at Herkomer Close, Bristol (BS7 9YH)BS79YH?Freehold
2018-07-06Land at 217 St Johns Lane, Bristol (BS3 5AS)BS35AS?Freehold
2018-06-05land adjoining Midway Garage, Muller Road, Horfield, Bristol?Freehold
2018-06-05175 Muller Road, Horfield, Bristol (BS7 9RB)BS79RB?Freehold
2018-04-17land on the west side of Wedmore Vale, Bristol?Freehold
2018-03-16land at 27 Deering Close, Bristol (BS11 0PT)BS110PT?Freehold
2018-03-09Land at The City Of Bristol College, Stile Acres, Bristol?Freehold
2018-01-09Land on the north side of Blackberry Hill, Bristol?Leasehold
2017-12-12An Electricity Substation, Creswicke Road, Bristol (BS4 1UD)BS41UD?Freehold
2017-12-0636 High Street, Portishead (BS20 6EN)BS206EN?Freehold
2017-11-1414 Redshelf Walk, Bristol (BS10 6NY)BS106NY?Freehold
2017-09-28Land at M32, Stapleton, Bristol?Freehold
2017-09-14108 Chakeshill Drive, Bristol (BS10 6PD)BS106PD?Freehold
2017-09-08Land adjoining 59 Hartcliffe Way, Bristol (BS3 5RN)BS35RN?Freehold
2017-07-1314 Brangwyn Grove, Bristol (BS7 9UB)BS79UB?Freehold
2017-07-1158 Chaplin Road, Bristol BS5 0JZBS50JZ?Freehold
2017-07-07land on the north side of Frenchay Road, Bristol?Freehold
2017-06-216 Oaktree Court, Bristol (BS11 0BN)BS110BN?Freehold
2017-06-02land on the north-east side of Temple Gate, Bristol?Leasehold
2017-05-17Bank Place, Cheese Lane, Bristol (BS2 0JJ)BS20JJ?Freehold
2017-05-17Land lying to the east of Kings Weston Lane, Bristol?Freehold
2017-05-113 Butterfield Road, Bristol (BS10 5AX)BS105AX?Freehold
2017-03-22Land on the south side of Lawrence Hill, Bristol?Freehold
2017-01-20land at 104 Charlton Road, Brentry, Bristol (BS10 6NL)BS106NL?Freehold
2017-01-20126 Doncaster Road, Bristol (BS10 5PZ)BS105PZ?Freehold
2016-12-29land at 3 Holton Road, Bristol (BS7 0EP)BS70EP?Freehold
2016-10-1741A Brigstocke Road, Bristol (BS2 8UA)BS28UA?Leasehold
2016-10-0424 to 26 (even) High Street, Portishead, Bristol (BS20 6EN)BS206EN?Freehold
2016-07-21132 Walsh Avenue, Bristol (BS14 9SH)BS149SH?Leasehold
2016-07-14Oasis Academy, Marksbury Road, Bristol (BS3 5JL)BS35JL£250,000Freehold
2016-07-125c Cotham Lawn Road, Bristol (BS6 6DU)BS66DU?Leasehold
2016-07-0817a Belvoir Road, St Andrews, Bristol (BS6 5DQ)BS65DQ?Leasehold
2016-07-01Land adjoining Southern Links Childrens Centre, Whittock Road, Bristol (BS14 8DQ)BS148DQ?Leasehold
2016-06-2469 Barrow Hill Crescent, Bristol (BS11 9RD)BS119RD?Freehold
2016-06-07Land on the east side of Eastville Health Centre, East Park, Bristol (BS5 6YA)BS56YA?Freehold
2016-05-06Land on the east side of Fallodon Way, Bristol?Freehold
2016-04-18land and buildings lying to the west of Avon Street, Bristol?Freehold
2016-04-18Land at Templemeads, Cattle Market Road, Bristol?Freehold
2016-04-139 Hurst Road, Bristol (BS4 1HF)BS41HF?Freehold
2016-04-0524 Wade Street, Bristol (BS2 9DR)BS29DR£250,000Freehold
2016-04-01112a Chesterfield Road, St Andrews, Bristol (BS6 5DR)BS65DR?Leasehold
2016-03-29the mines and minerals under the land shown edged with red on the plan of the above title filed at the Registry and being, 53 Elmore Road, Bristol (BS7 9SB)BS79SB?Freehold
2016-03-24854b Fishponds Road, Fishponds, Bristol (BS16 3XA)BS163XA?Leasehold
2016-03-146 Little George Street, Bristol (BS2 9AE)BS29AE£275,000Freehold
2016-03-1422 Wade Street, Bristol (BS2 9DR)BS29DR£250,000Freehold
2016-03-038 Little George Street, Bristol (BS2 9AE)BS29AE£275,000Freehold
2016-03-03Filwood Green Business Park, Filwood Park Lane, Bristol (BS4 1ET)BS41ET?Freehold
2016-01-27bridge at Hotwell Dock, Hotwell Road, Bristol?Freehold
2016-01-279 Willinton Road, Bristol (BS4 1HT)BS41HT?Freehold
2016-01-2635a Brigstocke Road, Bristol (BS2 8UA)BS28UA?Leasehold
2016-01-13Rush House, 75 Station Road, Henbury, Bristol (BS10 7QH)BS107QH£380,000Freehold
2016-01-13Land adjoining, 75 Station Road, Henbury, Bristol (BS10 7QH)BS107QH?Freehold
2015-12-21Ground Floor Flat, 44 Park Road, Southville, Bristol (BS3 1PU)BS31PU?Leasehold
2015-12-18120 Parking Spaces, Multi Storey Car Park Citypoint, Temple Gate, Bristol (BS1 6PL)BS16PL?Leasehold
2015-12-18CityPoint, Temple Gate, Bristol (BS1 6PL)BS16PL£9,000,000Leasehold
2015-12-09Land at Castle Street, Bristol?Freehold
2015-12-03143-144 Redcliff Street, Bristol (BS1 6NP)BS16NP?Leasehold
2015-11-192a St Johns Road, Clifton, Bristol (BS8 2EX)BS82EX?Leasehold
2015-11-1210A Gwyn Street, Bristol (BS2 8UG)BS28UG?Leasehold
2015-10-15Land on the west side of Spring Cottage, Hartcliffe Way, Bristol (BS3 5RN)BS35RN?Freehold
2015-10-05Lower Flat, 13 Julian Road, Bristol (BS9 1JZ)BS91JZ?Leasehold
2015-09-30Land on the west side of Bell Barn Road, Bristol?Freehold
2015-09-0424 Portview Road, Bristol (BS11 9GQBS119GQ?Freehold
2015-07-24Children's Centre, Four Acres Primary School, Four Acres, Bristol (BS13 8RB)BS138RB?Leasehold