The Borough Council Of Sandwell

Local Authority
Council House, Freeth Street, Oldbury, West Midlands B69 3DE
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Purchase DateAddressPostcodePriceDuration
2023-01-3179 Dunkirk Avenue, West Bromwich (B70 0ER)B700ER?Freehold
2023-01-037A Hartlebury Road, Oldbury, Warley, (B69 1DF)B691DF£70,000Leasehold
2022-10-24Flat 11, Ullswater House, Bredon Road, Oldbury (B69 1DD)B691DD£77,000Leasehold
2022-09-15Flat 5, Jackson House, Oldbury Green, Oldbury and outbuilding (B69 4JG)B694JG£92,500Leasehold
2022-09-13Harvest Road Day Centre, Harvest Road, Rowley Regis (B65 8EL)B658EL£292,500Freehold
2022-09-1210 Pingle Close, West Bromwich (B71 3ET)B713ET£153,000Freehold
2022-08-089 Milton Street, West Bromwich (B71 1NJ)B711NJ£188,000Freehold
2022-07-2221 Oldbury Street, Wednesbury (WS10 0QJ)WS100QJ£140,000Freehold
2022-06-16The Phoenix Collegiate, Clarkes Lane, West Bromwich (B71 2BX)B712BX?Freehold
2022-06-084 Arundel Drive, Tividale, Oldbury (B69 1XE)B691XE£196,000Leasehold
2022-06-084 Arundel Drive, Tividale, Oldbury (B69 1XE)B691XE?Freehold
2022-04-2519 Sunnydale Walk, West Bromwich (B71 1EU)B711EU£65,000Leasehold
2022-04-2259 Greenfield Road, Great Barr, Birmingham (B43 5AR)B435AR£205,000Freehold
2022-04-05197 Friar Park Road, Wednesbury (WS10 0LB)WS100LB£135,000Freehold
2022-03-2821 Lime Tree Road, Walsall (WS5 4HA)WS54HA£170,000Freehold
2022-01-1742 Warwick Close, Oldbury (B68 8NH)B688NH£95,000Leasehold
2021-12-236 California Road, Tividale, Oldbury (B69 1ST)B691ST£152,000Freehold
2021-12-237 Biddlestone Grove, Walsall (WS5 4DB)WS54DB£130,000Freehold
2021-12-1535 Grenville Drive, Smethwick (B66 1TQ)B661TQ£148,000Freehold
2021-12-0227 Hamilton Road, Smethwick (B67 5QE)B675QE£195,000Freehold
2021-12-0239 Allen Close, Birmingham (B43 5PT)B435PT£70,000Leasehold
2021-12-0221 Mary Road, Tividale, Oldbury (B69 1RR)B691RR£130,000Freehold
2021-12-0156 Melia Drive, Wednesbury (WS10 0QE)WS100QE£177,000Freehold
2021-11-3073 Crew Road, Wednesbury (WS10 9QG)WS109QG£150,000Freehold
2021-11-084 Meadowside Close, Great Barr, Birmingham and garage (B43 6BP)B436BP£187,000Freehold
2021-11-0331 Richmond Hill, Oldbury (B68 9TH)B689TH£195,000Freehold
2021-11-029 Hollies Drive, Wednesbury (WS10 9EQ)WS109EQ£190,000Freehold
2021-10-217 Jackson Street, Oldbury, Warley£85,000Freehold
2021-10-18Flat 6, Kynaston House, Rydding Lane, West Bromwich (B71 2HD)B712HD£52,000Leasehold
2021-10-1319 Sutton Crescent, West Bromwich (B70 9TS)B709TS£75,000Leasehold
2021-10-1330 The Horseshoe, Oldbury (B68 9AU)B689AU£150,000Freehold
2021-10-1254 Stella Road, Tipton (DY4 9BN)DY49BN£171,500Freehold
2021-09-293 Dudhill Walk, Rowley Regis (B65 8EQ)B658EQ£160,000Freehold
2021-09-297 Waggon Street, Cradley Heath (B64 6JT)B646JT£138,000Freehold
2021-09-2440a Harwood Street, West Bromwich (B70 9JD)B709JD?Freehold
2021-09-2450 Grenville Drive, Smethwick (B66 1TQ)B661TQ£157,500Freehold
2021-09-24120 Merrivale Road, Bearwood, Smethwick, (B66 4EB)B664EB£155,000Freehold
2021-09-2442 and 44 Harwood Street, West Bromwich (B70 9JD)B709JD£255,000Freehold
2021-09-2317 Wyntor Lane, Hill Top, West Bromwich, (B71 2HW)B712HW£145,000Freehold
2021-09-1449 Salter Road, Tipton (DY4 9QH)DY49QH£145,000Freehold
2021-09-1022 Eden Grove, West Bromwich (B71 1EX)B711EX£70,000Leasehold
2021-09-0936 Hope Road, Tipton (DY4 7DG)DY47DG£130,000Freehold
2021-09-0977 Manor Road, Smethwick (B67 7HL)B677HL£154,000Freehold
2021-09-0953 Westminster Road, West Bromwich (B71 2JL)B712JL£145,000Freehold
2021-09-0910 Hope Street, West Bromwich (B70 6PL)B706PL£135,000Freehold
2021-09-097 Mostyn Crescent, West Bromwich (B71 2QH)B712QH£190,000Freehold
2021-09-0920 Vowles Road, West Bromwich (B71 1AP)B711AP£185,000Freehold
2021-09-0313 Richard Williams Road, Wednesbury (WS10 0QT)WS100QT£137,500Freehold
2021-09-033 Brickhouse Road, Rowley Regis (B65 8HD)B658HD£145,000Freehold
2021-09-0342 Cornfield Road, Rowley Regis (B65 8HL)B658HL£165,000Freehold
2021-08-3143 Allen Close, Birmingham (B43 5PT)B435PT£132,000Freehold
2021-08-20land on the North East side of Dudley Road, Oldbury?Freehold
2021-08-13Land on the north east side of Dudley Road, Oldbury?Freehold
2021-07-2716 Brunel Road, Oldbury (B69 1JD)B691JD£190,000Freehold
2021-07-2332 Windsor Road, West Bromwich (B71 2NT)B712NT£150,000Freehold
2021-07-235 Durham Drive, West Bromwich (B71 1HS)B711HS£163,000Freehold
2021-07-07186 Grafton Road, Oldbury (B68 8BL)B688BL£159,000Freehold
2021-06-3084 Eastwood Road, Great Barr, Birmingham (B43 5RP)B435RP£197,000Leasehold
2021-06-3084 Coles Lane, West Bromwich (B71 2QW)B712QW£157,000Freehold
2021-06-307b Gloucester Road, Wednesbury (WS10 0TX)WS100TX£147,500Freehold
2021-06-3084 Eastwood Road, Great Barr, Birmingham (B43 5RP)B435RP?Freehold
2021-06-30149 Titford Road, Oldbury (B69 4QD)B694QD£190,000Freehold
2021-06-3027 Lakeside Road, West Bromwich (B70 0PW)B700PW£180,000Freehold
2021-06-3045 Heath Lane, West Bromwich, (B71 2BN)B712BN£157,000Freehold
2021-06-3030 Sandfield Road, West Bromwich (B71 3NF)B713NF£130,000Freehold
2021-06-3051 Bearmore Road, Cradley Heath (B64 6DU)B646DU£127,500Freehold
2021-06-2246 Crockford Road, West Bromwich (B71 2ET)B712ET£125,000Freehold
2021-06-22107 Friar Park Road, Wednesbury (WS10 0JR)WS100JR£135,000Freehold
2021-06-1629 Lime Tree Road, Walsall (WS5 4HA)WS54HA£172,000Freehold
2021-06-1630 Clent Hill Drive, Rowley Regis (B65 8LP)B658LP£170,000Freehold
2021-05-2521a Claremont Street, Cradley Heath (B64 6HH)B646HH£175,000Freehold
2021-05-2120 Hackwood Road, Wednesbury (WS10 0DG)WS100DG£165,000Freehold
2021-05-1954 Meadow Walk, Cradley Heath (B64 7EQ)B647EQ£127,500Freehold
2021-05-197 Ryland Close, Tipton (DY4 7PD)DY47PD£50,000Leasehold
2021-05-19142 All Saints Way, West Bromwich (B71 1RH)B711RH£85,000Leasehold
2021-05-19233 Meadow Avenue, West Bromwich (B71 3EW)B713EW£60,000Leasehold
2021-05-1975 Brookfield Way, Tipton (DY4 0NE)DY40NE£208,000Freehold
2021-05-19Flat 12, Jeffries House, Oldbury Green, Oldbury (B69 4JQ)B694JQ£95,000Leasehold
2021-05-1024 Uplands Avenue, Rowley Regis (B65 9PS)B659PS£176,000Freehold
2021-05-0797 Powis Avenue, Tipton (DY4 0RQ)DY40RQ£155,000Freehold
2021-05-075 Brooklands, Walsall (WS5 4DJ)WS54DJ£127,500Freehold
2021-05-0642-50 (even) Smeaton Avenue, Smethwick (B66 2EJ)B662EJ£526,185Freehold
2021-05-0697 Sycamore Road, Tipton (DY4 9RW)DY49RW£125,000Freehold
2021-04-305 Rectory Gardens, Oldbury (B68 8HJ)B688HJ£157,500Freehold
2021-04-3039 Lime Tree Road, Walsall (WS5 4HA)WS54HA£178,000Freehold
2021-04-3054 Eva Road, Oldbury (B68 9PJ)B689PJ£162,500Freehold
2021-04-3054 Melia Drive, Wednesbury (WS10 0QE)WS100QE£170,000Freehold
2021-04-2655 Portway Road, Rowley Regis (B65 9BX)B659BX£115,000Freehold
2021-04-269 Norwood Avenue, Cradley Heath, Warley, (B64 7NE)B647NE£132,500Freehold
2021-04-2228 Pavilion Avenue, Smethwick (B67 6LD)B676LD£158,000Freehold
2021-04-1929 Twydale Avenue, Tividale, Oldbury (B69 2HP)B692HP£160,000Freehold
2021-04-1974 Walton Road, Oldbury, Warley, (B68 9DB)B689DB£185,000Freehold
2021-04-1655 Victoria Road, Cradley Heath (B64 5NQ)B645NQ£150,000Freehold
2021-04-1620 Reid Road, Oldbury (B68 9HG)B689HG£208,000Freehold
2021-04-167 Blades Road, Greets Green, West Bromwich, (B70 0HA)B700HA£185,000Freehold
2021-04-1617 Holloway Bank, West Bromwich (B70 0QQ)B700QQ£140,000Freehold
2021-04-01250 Pound Road, Oldbury (B68 8NE)B688NE£200,000Freehold
2021-04-01147 Coronation Road, Wednesbury (WS10 0TW)WS100TW£160,000Freehold
2021-04-0126 Upper Church Lane, Tipton (DY4 9PX)DY49PX£165,000Freehold
2021-04-0116 Manorford Avenue, West Bromwich (B71 3QJ)B713QJ£160,000Freehold