London Power Networks Plc

Limited Company or Public Limited Company
237 Southwark Bridge Road, London SE1 6NP
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2022-09-13an electricity substation on the north east side of Kellner Road, London?Leasehold
2022-08-10an electricity substation at 7 - 11 Cavendish Place, London?Leasehold
2022-07-22an electricity substation, Albany Road, London?Leasehold
2022-06-28Electricity Sub-Station, The Reuters Building, South Colonnade, London (E14 5EP)E145EP?Leasehold
2022-06-06an electricity sub-station Film House, 142-150 Wardour Street, London?Leasehold
2022-05-23an electricity substation Elgin Avenue, London?Freehold
2022-04-25Electricity Sub-Station, CCA House 45-59, Kingsway, London (WC2B 6TE)WC2B6TE?Leasehold
2022-02-07Electricity SubStation Dryden Street, London (WC2E 9NA)WC2E9NA?Leasehold
2022-01-10an electricity substation, Abbey Road, Barking?Leasehold
2021-12-23Electricity Substation, Redcross Way, London?Leasehold
2021-11-09Electricity Substation North Crescent, London?Leasehold
2021-10-21an Electricity Sub Station Site, Newlands Court, Footscray Road, London (SE9 2SS)SE92SS?Leasehold
2021-10-06Electricity Sub-Station, Priory House, St John's Lane, London (EC1M 4HD)EC1M4HD?Leasehold
2021-09-13Substation, Wimbledon Traincare Depot, Durnsford Road, London (SW19 8EG)SW198EG?Leasehold
2021-09-06a Substation Site, Centre House, 54 Wood Lane, London (W12 7RQ)W127RQ?Leasehold
2021-08-24electricity substation St Pier Court, Green Street, London?Leasehold
2021-07-21basement level Transformer Chamber, 193 Piccadilly, London (W1J 9EU)W1J9EU?Leasehold
2021-07-19an electricity substation site, 112 Harpenden Road, London (E12 5HN)E125HN?Leasehold
2021-07-19Transformer Chamber Hooper's Court, Brompton Road, London?Leasehold
2021-07-07Electricity Sub-Station, Alfreds Way, Barking?Leasehold
2021-06-17Basement Transformer Chamber, Thanet House, 231-232 Strand, London (WC2R 1DA)WC2R1DA?Leasehold
2021-06-17Electricity SubStation Chamber Dockley Road Industrial Estate, Dockley Road, London (SE16 3SF)SE163SF?Leasehold
2021-06-10electricity substation 56 New Bond Street, London (W1S 1DG)W1S1DG?Leasehold
2021-04-29Transformer Chamber, River Road, Barking?Leasehold
2021-04-16electricity substation Louis Close, London (N7 0FQ)N70FQ?Leasehold
2021-03-26electricity substation at Camberwell Bus Garage, Warner Road, London (SE5 9LU)SE59LU?Leasehold
2021-02-26an electricity transformer chamber, Asquith Court, 1 Thurston Road, London (SE13 7YL)SE137YL?Leasehold
2021-02-17electricity substation Harris Academy Beckenham, Manor Way, Beckenham (BR3 3SJ)BR33SJ?Leasehold
2021-02-11electricity substation Alderwood Road, London?Leasehold
2021-02-02An Electricity Sub-Station, Richford Street, London?Leasehold
2021-01-28an Electricity Substation Ilderton Road, London?Leasehold
2021-01-27Electricity Substation 1 Burwood Place, London (W2 2HN)W22HN?Leasehold
2021-01-25Transformer Chamber, 32 Aberdare Gardens, London (NW6 3QA)NW63QA?Leasehold
2021-01-22electricity substation Morville Street, London?Leasehold
2021-01-07Transformer Chamber, Waterloo Road, London?Leasehold
2020-12-22an electricity substation Leven Road, London?Leasehold
2020-12-21Electricity Substation, Royal Exchange, London (EC3V 3LP)EC3V3LP?Leasehold
2020-12-21Transformer Chamber, 15-17 Tavistock Place, London (WC1H 9SH)WC1H9SH?Leasehold
2020-12-18electricity substation Tabernacle Street, London?Leasehold
2020-12-15an electricity substation, Hall Place, London?Leasehold
2020-12-15Transformer Chambers Marble Arch Place, Marble Arch, London?Leasehold
2020-12-08an Electricity Substation Chamber at 105-121 Judd Street, London (WC1H 9NE)WC1H9NE?Leasehold
2020-11-30an Electricity Substation Chamber, Redcliffe Square, London?Leasehold
2020-11-18Transformer Chamber, Landmark Pinnacle, 15 Westferry Road, London (E14 8JH)E148JH?Leasehold
2020-11-18Transformer Chamber, Landmark Pinnacle, 15 Westferry Road, London (E14 8JH)E148JH?Leasehold
2020-11-18Transformer Chamber, Landmark Pinnacle, 15 Westferry Road, London (E14 8JH)E148JH?Leasehold
2020-11-18Transformer Chamber, Landmark Pinnacle, 15 Westferry Road, London (E14 8JH)E148JH?Leasehold
2020-11-18an Electricity Substation, Waldemar Avenue, London (SW6 5LU)SW65LU?Leasehold
2020-11-16Land and buildings on the north side of Western Road?Freehold
2020-11-05a transformer chamber 50 Eastbourne Terrace, London (W2 6LG)W26LG?Leasehold
2020-10-30an electricity substation Wickham Road, Beckenham?Leasehold
2020-10-15electricity substation Great Western Road, London?Leasehold
2020-10-13Being An Electricity Substation, Bagshot Street, London?Leasehold
2020-10-12an electricity substation Elgin Avenue, London?Leasehold
2020-10-08an Electricity Substation, Goslett Yard, London?Leasehold
2020-09-28electricity substation at 27 Perth Road, Ilford (IG2 6BX)IG26BX?Leasehold
2020-09-24an electricity substation at Green Lane, Ilford?Leasehold
2020-09-17Substation, Sprowston Road, London?Leasehold
2020-09-14An Electricity Sub-Station, The Avenue, London?Leasehold
2020-09-14An Electricity Sub Station, Scrubs Lane, London?Leasehold
2020-09-10electricity substation, Latham House Boundary, Minories, London?Leasehold
2020-09-10electricity substation chamber 112a Great Russell Street, London (WC1B 3NP)WC1B3NP?Leasehold
2020-08-27a Transformer Chamber 1-3 Grosvenor Square, London?Leasehold
2020-08-27an Electricity Sub Station, Carnegie Place, London (SW19 5NG)SW195NG?Leasehold
2020-08-18electricity substation 6-10 Market Road, London (N7 9PW)N79PW?Leasehold
2020-08-18An Electricity Substation, Balnacraig Avenue, London?Leasehold
2020-08-18an electricity substation Saltram Crescent, Maida Vale, London?Leasehold
2020-08-18an electricity substation 180-214 Upper Tooting Road, London (SW17 7EW)SW177EW?Leasehold
2020-08-14Electricity Substation Chamber, 73-75 Harley Street, London (W1G 8QJ)W1G8QJ?Leasehold
2020-08-13Electricity Substation, Slingsby Place, London (WC2E 9AB)WC2E9AB?Leasehold
2020-08-05electricity substation at Arthur Street, Erith?Leasehold
2020-07-30Electricity Sub Station, Goswell Road, London?Leasehold
2020-07-29an electricity substation chamber 35-37 Grosvenor Gardens, London (SW1W 0BS)SW1W0BS?Leasehold
2020-07-29Electricity substation Paddington Green Police Station, Harrow Road, London (W2 1XJ)W21XJ?Leasehold
2020-07-20land at 33 Colebrooke Row, London?Leasehold
2020-07-20an electricity substation Pocklington Court, Alton Road, London?Leasehold
2020-07-20Substation, Tunnel Avenue, London (SE10 0QE)SE100QE?Leasehold
2020-07-14A Transformer Chamber, Sussex Square, London?Leasehold
2020-07-14a Transformer Chamber Rex House, 4 Regent Street, London (SW1Y 4PE)SW1Y4PE?Leasehold
2020-07-14electricity substation, Woodman Road, Hainault, Chigwell?Leasehold
2020-07-13transformer chamber at 364 to 368 High Road, Ilford?Leasehold
2020-06-09an electricity substation Newham Way, London?Leasehold
2020-05-28an Electricity Substation, River Park Gardens, Bromley?Leasehold
2020-05-20The Site Of An Electricity Sub Station, Sidcup Hill, Sidcup?Freehold
2020-05-14An Electricity Substation, Little Portland Street, London?Leasehold
2020-04-23land forming part of 1 Cromwell Grove, London (W6 7RQ)W67RQ?Freehold
2020-03-23a Transformer Chamber 10 Piccadilly, London (W1J 0DD)W1J0DD?Leasehold
2020-03-20Electricity Substation Chamber, Lower Marsh, London (SE1 7AB)SE17AB?Leasehold
2020-03-18an electricity substation Sugden Way, Barking (IG11 0NJ)IG110NJ?Leasehold
2020-03-17Transformer Chambers 250 City Road, London?Leasehold
2020-03-17a transformer chamber 207 Westbourne Grove, London (W11 2SE)W112SE?Leasehold
2020-03-16an Electricity Substation, Adela Street, London?Leasehold
2020-03-12an electricity substation 24 Portland Place, London (W1B 1LU)W1B1LU?Leasehold
2020-03-12a basement electricity substation chamber, 24 Portland Place, London (W1B 1LU)W1B1LU?Leasehold
2020-03-11an Electricity Substation, Radisson S A S Portman Hotel, Portman Square, London (W1H 7BF)W1H7BF?Leasehold
2020-03-11the site of an electricity substation, 100 North Street, Barking (IG11 8JD)IG118JD?Leasehold
2020-03-09Transformer Chamber, Barlow Place, Bruton Lane, London?Leasehold
2020-03-04Primary Substation, Carpenters Road, London?Leasehold
2020-03-03Transformer Chamber, Braham Street, London (E1 8EP)E18EP?Leasehold
2020-03-03Transformer Chamber, Poole House, Penfold Street, London?Leasehold