PE1 2, Peterborough

Found within Postcode District PE1, which covers Central Ward, North Ward, Park Ward, Werrington South Ward

Residential Population: 11,298

Population Density: 51.66 Persons per Hectare

Land Area: 218.72 Hectares

Daytime Population: 14,279

Population Density: 65.28 Persons per Hectare

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Crime in PE1 2, Peterborough

Showing a sample of our crime data for PE1 2. To gain ad-free access to all data going from March 2023 back to December 2010 subscribe to UKCrimeStats or sign up for the API (Application Programming Interface).

ASBBurglaryRobberyVehicleViolentShopliftingCD&AOther TheftDrugsBike TheftTheft From the PersonWeaponsPublic OrderOtherTotal
Sep 202243931261517154543225208
Aug 2022401271687320155305257245
Jul 202224631380418115534256207
Jun 2022284123791014156515146211
May 2022381345907201110515152226

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Monthly crime data for PE1 2 by crime type.